Hungry Talk - Ingredients For A Home Bakery

I never thought I would even start a bakery. I always wanted to open a restaurant some day. Still want to. But a home bakery, this early, was never in the plans. There are many reasons to why a home bakery.

The Power Of Words: #FyreFestival

In 2017, a luxury music festival called the Fyre Festival or #Fyrefest gained popularity on Instagram.

The Marvel End-Credits Formula

Marvel has played a huge role in this century's pop-culture. They managed to create the biggest movie franchise, become a billion dollar empire, and revolutionise how Hollywood makes films and

Hollywood's Posters For 2019

Before a film is released, there is a long, exhausting process of marketing to get you film connoisseurs excited. And most of it begins with a simple picture.

The Way Of #Plogging

One interesting hashtag that generated some buzz in 2018 was #plogging, which in simple terms means combining jogging and picking up garbage. In not so simple terms, it means jogging/running,

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