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10 Years of Devrai Art Village

Ten years ago, Mandakini Mathur, her family, Suresh Pungati, and five skilled tribal craftsmen, started a non-profit initiative that involved a traditional method of creating beautiful pieces of art through rock-metal casting. Mandakini and her family started Devrai Art Village at their home in Panchgani.

Doodling From The Inside-Out

She loves playing with colours and other stuff people use to bring life to a blank canvas. She says, “I started drawing at a very early age. As early as 2 I think. I started drawing random stuff and my mom kept them all in a file.”¬†Unfortunately, she doesn’t know where that file is.¬†

Making Of A Supermom: The Artist

Someone recently asked how my life would differ had I not had a child with a disability. I can tell you honestly, undoubtedly and genuinely, it would be way less exciting, less interesting, and less fulfilling.

Making Of A Supermom: The Beginning

“Our son, Ayush, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder 18 years ago.¬†Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified was the clinical diagnosis.” says Preeti Savur, the supermom who found inspiration in her children.


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