Finding Ourselves In Our Past

Humans don’t have any control over their lives (and this website). Our emotions dictate our actions and our actions create more emotions. This made up cycle controls most days of our beautiful lives that include millions of moments when we smile, moments when we cry and moments when we get stuck in a traffic jam. Most days we cry more than we smile and blame everyone or everything around us for our 99 problems.

To sum up that weird introduction, life is beautiful, some days it isn’t, we get upset and don’t love life like we are supposed to, and end up lost or depressed without any clear solution to our problems. We tend to cope with these problems with methods like yoga, meditation, therapy, exercise or clubbing. Just like those methods, there’s a new form of healing that involves dealing with your past; your past life to be precise.

And just like we need guidance for yoga, meditation or any other popular healing technique, we need someone to guide us through the journey into our previous life.


Minal Arora is someone who uses this unique technique to help people all over the world. Though she still works in the field of IT, her work as a serenity surrender therapist has kept her busy in healing people both physically and emotionally.

Now, you are probably wondering, why was clubbing put in the same sentence as meditation? – Well, people don’t go to clubs for the food.

Also, why should we believe her or the whole concept of previous lives? – That’s what these 10 Points are going to be about.


It’s important to believe in your work and Minal genuinely believes that our past plays a significant role in our lives. “Yes I believe in past lives and honestly, those who don’t believe in them can choose to stay unaware but cannot stop their past from still creating their present for them. It is the ‘past’ that has not ‘passed’ and hence its a part of here & now.” claims Minal.

She adds, “let me explain this in more detail. Your consciousness today is the final number that represents the turnover on your soul’s balance sheet. The number could look attractive or dull but there is a limited understanding about your journey through which you became this number.”


She breaks down every aspect of our lives that work together like equation balancing itself, “There will be millions of calculations, debits, credits, adjustments, compromises, sacrifices and blessings that would have made you who you are today.”

“If you can only see the number that you are, you are bound to compare yourself with other numbers around you and feel less or more. If you are happy with yourself, you’ll fear losing that position. If you feel you are less, you’ll try to add more to yourself.”

She explains that this struggle to feel good about oneself according to standards set by external factors leaves no time for a person to appreciate who they are.


The whole idea of a journey to our previous life has to do with the connection we hold sub-consciously to our past existence on this planet. So, in a nutshell, we remember instances from our past life or have some unresolved problems that create chaos in the current version of our existence. As we, supposedly took rebirth in this world, our sub-conscious mind carried over its thoughts and memories. Does this mean that we do possess a soul that jumps from one life to another as we live and die in this universe?

She says, “Well even science believes now that we are all energy and we vibrate at different vibrating frequencies. The presence of the soul can be proven in several ways but it will only work for the one who’s open to trusting what is being shown to him/her.”

For the soul, everything before this is the past. It cannot distinguish between a memory that’s 2 years old or 2000 years old. It can only experience a memory like a memory.

Minal also talks about the presence of energies around us, “In my new book Infinity, which is due to launch on 8th July, I have given enough evidence of the existence of the soul. We all experience the subtle energies in & around us but our mind is programmed to believe only in what can be experienced through the five physical senses.”

“The sub-conscious is huge and ever revealing since it reflects the infinite journey of the soul.”


If one took a long drive down the memory lane, one would have to accept certain facts about their past. One would struggle with accepting who they were, their repressed memories or simply accepting the truth about their past. The struggle can be understood by a reader’s constant battle with accepting the whole idea of past lives.

Since we are talking about our past, “Your past reveals the journey, the events, the reasons, situations, conflicts that you went through to reach this moment.

Minal says, “Once you start realizing the expanse of your journey; And how those millions and millions of small experiences spread out over time have converged to form you, your need to compare yourself with others and demean yourself will go away.”

“A past memory whether it’s from the childhood of current life or past lives is just an experience that the energies couldn’t accept or imbibe due to the sheer intensity of the emotions involved.”

It’s like how a detective retraces the steps to solve a mystery. Imagine solving the mystery of yourself, “You will become appreciative of yourself and you will be able to value yourself for who you are since you now know that being yourself wasn’t easy.”

According to her, “there should be a good reason to justify why a child is born with a silver spoon and some other child is abandoned at birth.”

Minal believes that our past life’s memories do exist somewhere in our sub-conscious mind. She talks about the work of an American psychiatrist, Ian Stevenson, saying ,”He worked for the University of Virginia School of Medicine for fifty years and did extensive work with children (most of them under five) who could recall their past lives. And he even visited the homes and situations of these children’s past lives to ensure the accounts were credible.”

Like him, there are numerous experts who have studied the cases of reincarnation (Dr Jim B. Tucker is another name you can Google after completing this story.)

“But,” says Minal, “The biggest evidence being when one is healed of their past life memories. Their lives start changing to an extent that their medical reports change and they are sometimes healed from things that medical sciences could neither diagnose nor resolve.”

“Louise Hay, Anita Munjani and there are several other people who have published accounts of their experiences through their subtle energies that healed them of Cancer and other such diseases to complete astonishment of their medical practitioners.”


While we are on the subject of subtle forces, one has to agree that there are forces prevailing in this universe that can’t be explained by scientific facts alone. But since most of these forces don’t have a cool name like Qi, us cool beings aren’t ready to believe in them. Our expert says, “The subtlety is evident but only to the one who chooses to be aware.

“People who ignore this subtlety will, unfortunately, learn their lessons the hard way. Emotions are also an aspect of our subtle energy,” claims Minal.

It is difficult to explain why we feel different emotions, how our emotions control us, “Each human being might have noticed that many times the emotions they experience have no evident logical or physical basis. It’s like I am feeling anxious, I am afraid, I do not think I can do anything in life, I feel alive…” Or in simpler terms, the emotional roller-coaster.

“One could be standing in the most beautiful place and feeling like hell since their subtle energies are like hell at that moment. Similarly, one could be in a hell-like place and feel beautiful since their energies are heaven-like within.”

Also, “Our thoughts and emotions are signals or expressions from our sub-conscious mind to our conscious, conveying what’s happening inside.”


Naturally, people are skeptical about her theories. To them, she asks a fairly simple question about our mind.


“My simplest question to anyone who is sceptical is this, if you believe that only what is tangible, is true, then who’s told you this? Your mind I am guessing. However, isn’t the mind itself intangible? The brain is tangible but the mind is not.”

The above sentence may seem a little confusing, but don’t worry! She goes on to explain the theory, “now, if I assume that the mind is tangible then whatever my mind wants, it should happen. If there was nothing like the sub-conscious, then the simple result should be that whatever I plan for myself in the morning for the rest of my day, should happen as per the plan. However, a human being is incapable of even planning for one single day using their mind and ensuring that everything will happen exactly like that.”

Minal asks you to consider a typical day in your life. We plan simple things like going to work, reaching by 9 AM, finishing our work by 1 PM and then heading over to a restaurant for lunch, meeting a friend at 2 PM, attending a meeting in the evening and coming back home by 7 PM, “In this kind of a simple schedule also, work will not finish on time. His favorite eatery may not have the sandwich he wanted, he might have to walk 500 meters extra to grab food from somewhere else, his friend might get late since the train was late, the business meeting might get rescheduled, his work might stretch because am old client sent new requirements for a project, he might decide to go to a pub instead of coming home for dinner.”

She adds that unfortunately, in our life, there are subtle forces at work all the time. “This is why in spite of your best intentions, your friends can misunderstand you. This is why you have a good or a bad feeling about someone you’ve just met even if you know nothing about them.”

“This is why you know what you should or shouldn’t do without any prior knowledge or experience of the same. This is why even when the evident fails you, you trust that little voice in your head saying you will still make it big one day even if it’s not evident how.”

“This is why people who loved each other till yesterday for no apparent reason fall apart. This is why when you see an infant smiling, you can’t help but feel love in your heart.”



Nature loves balance. TBH (to be honest), reincarnation itself suggests balance. It proves that there is an order of events set in place by our past. Or, maybe it’s all just random, “If randomness would be the order of this universe then all the knowledge we are trying to gain is futile. Randomness cannot be made sense of. If we believe we can decrypt the mysteries of this universe, even though science, then at least we believe it’s not random.”

Confused? Don’t worry, our therapist makes it comprehensible, “There is an order. If there is an order, then our birth, parents, family or religion we are born to will also have an order. That order is what comes from one’s history and their history is the story of their evolution through time.”

Here’s another concept that will spring up in your mind when you keep saying the word balance – Karma. All of us have some understanding of this aspect of life. But Minal has a different approach to this word, “Karma is a way to balance…maybe.”

“I don’t see karma in terms of ‘what you sow, you shall reap’. It is more perceived as a punishment system. Karma for me is a feedback system.”

She adds, “The purpose was never to punish anyone. The purpose of any sort of punishment is to ensure one learns.”

Now you’ll know another benefit of surrendering to your past, “if one can learn without the punishment then it makes even more sense because they get to live their new found wisdom instead of spending all their time in being punished and setting off their karma.”




So we had a past life that created a flow or changed the flow of events. The flow continued in this life. Hence, our purpose was decided for us, or did we decide the purpose of our presence in the past?

Minal perceives purpose as, “The only purpose that each soul has on this planet is to allow the universe or divine to flow through itself. To recognise the beauty & power of mere existence. To believe in the miracle that happens through us in each breath that we take.”

There’s your answer! Still, why do all of us crave a purpose in life? Why do we search for meaning? Why do we look for an answer for waking up in the morning?

“The need to find a life purpose stems from the lack of recognition that our existence alone is enough to fulfill the divine purpose through us. I believe we start ‘looking’ for a purpose when whatever we are doing seems meaningless or useless.”

She adds, “If we merely address that feeling and realise that our existence is enough to serve our universe, we will recognize that we always are living the purpose of our existence and it’s independent of what we do in the external world to prove ourselves.”


Now, the search for this purpose can be tiring. As humans, our first instinct of facing any problem is to have a negative thought.

“We all have negative thoughts because we all are evolving each moment, which means we are always learning about ourselves and others.”

She adds, “Negativity isn’t something absolute. Whatever we don’t understand yet or whatever limits our experience of this moment, is perceived as negative.”

To all those people who love the mask of positivity so much, Minal says, “I don’t buy the idea of thinking positive or being positive. Positivity is not derived out of denying negativity.”

For her, “Positivity is about recognition of what is unacceptable or not nice and realising that it’s also here to teach us something. So in trying to be positive, most people are hiding from their negativity or blaming it on the government, society, relationships or work.” That statement is true for so many Indians.

She adds that the more one denies negativity, the more it expands itself for it to be noticed. “So instead of trying to become positive, a shorter solution is to accept what seems to be negative and then heal the reason for why it’s there inside you in the first place.”

Because, “When negativity dissolves, what’s left is love; because that’s who we all are. We are all created out of pure unconditional love.”

Since we are on the subject of negativity,


After accepting past lives and resolutions through reincarnations, how does one explain our genuine desire to be with someone? Naturally, we had some troubles in our past life with another human being. Let’s put it this way, there are billions of us, at least a million problems were created by other people. What if we had a bad relationship in our previous life and it’s messing up our current existence?

“With regards to relationships, yes! past life memories are the very basis of why one gets attracted to another soul. Initially, they could feel it’s the looks, height or personality of someone that appealed to them but, eventually, the relationship will be established based on the lessons one has to learn from their partner.”

“All relationships are reflective of one’s relationship with themselves. So creating a love-based relationship with self is the only solution to any relationship concern.”


Let’s tell you something more about Minal. Apart from being a serenity surrender therapist, and an IT professional, she’s also an author who has a book coming out next month.

(If you don’t know the date, you probably just scrolled through the story. Go back and read it properly)

She tells us about her first book, “My first book ‘Maaya: A tryst with self’ is an account of Maaya who in search of her completion through Rahul, embarks upon her inner journey.”

She adds, “It’s a detailed account of her experiences, struggles, pain and accomplishments through this twin soul relationship. The book is a gripping tale of how this journey transforms her and her relationship with Rahul too. Its inspired by my client case studies through regression as well as serenity surrender.”

Her next book ‘Infinity’ is a non-fiction account wrapped in a fictional beginning and ending. “It’s the story of the soul and purpose of its existence as a human being on Earth.”

In this book I have shared all the knowledge that I have gained over a decade of working on myself & others. There are several examples inspired by case studies that will inspire the reader to look within into their own energies.

In my book I have described the origin of both religion & science and how or why they happened to us. Both have contributed to our growth but its time to see oneness in them. So far we have divided ourselves by committing to either and disagreeing with the other though they stem from the same place which is within us.

‘Infinity’ is launching on 8th July 2018 at Oxford Book House, CP, New Delhi at 5 PM. She welcomes you to join her for the launch, “I am sure this is the goto book for initiating as well as deepening one’s spiritual journey.”

Those were our 10 Points with a really interesting person who has a unique job. We love people with unique jobs or lives. So if you know one or are one, hit that contact page!


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