The Way Of #Plogging

One interesting hashtag that generated some buzz in 2018 was #plogging, which in simple terms means combining jogging and picking up garbage. In not so simple terms, it means jogging/running, spotting trash thrown by another human, and (instead of cursing some germaphobe) squatting or lunging to pick up the trash.

Like every other trending # on Instagram, #plogging started with a small group of people using it to spread a message. But, unlike most tags, this one was actually a constructive idea that lead to a small movement across the globe.

As India is giving the internet more and more users everyday, this tag became popular in our country too. The message was clear, stay fit and keep your home planet clean.

This was an excellent example of how a group of people use social media to spread an innovative idea. No matter how simple it may sound, or how only few people are practicing #plogging, it happened and we hope everyone follows even when they don’t have their smartphones or cameras with them.

Unfortunately, for every #plogger there is a #throgger – especially in a fast growing economy like India. In fact, there are more #throggers in India, than there are #ploggers.

Who is a #throgger?

Person who throws garbage while jogging, running, walking or trekking.

Just like #ploggers, #throggers are on the lookout for spots with heaps of trash. But, instead of picking up the plastic or biodegradable waste, they throw their own crap in. Professional #throggers only throw their trash in areas that are already filled with garbage.

If we could interview some of these #throggers, they could have probably told you about such areas in your city.

This is what #plogging looks like –














And then there’s this –

We need more #Ploggers in the world… because here’s what a #throgger’s favourite spot looks like –

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