The Marvel End-Credits Formula

Marvel has played a huge role in this century’s pop-culture. They managed to create the biggest movie franchise, become a billion dollar empire, and revolutionise how Hollywood makes films and how we watch them in theaters.

Even though they have used the same plot devices since the first Iron Man (2008), the studio still managed to give their fans amazing flicks and viewing experiences. But it wasn’t some random idea or a lucky strike that got them this far. It was a carefully planned journey that involved a lot of tactics and research.

To simple people like us, these tactics may not seem like big deals, but for that one person analysing results through numbers, it’s a huge fudging deal.

One such, super basic tactic was the end-credit scene (or scenes, one had five).

Kevin Feige, the dude who started the MCU (he’s also the president of Marvel Studios), told the world in an interview why the studio puts post-credit scenes in every film.

The first reason is simple and kinda obvious, they want the audience to read the credits. Even if everyone doesn’t focus on each name, the amount of time it takes to scroll through all those names should give us some sign of how massive they projects are.

Sure! we all know the names of the actors and actresses playing those fictional superheroes… but what about all those people who were working day and night on the writing, editing, production, design and all things that make a million dollar movie?

The second reason is also quite basic but it may not have hit our high-IQ minds in the first go.

Feige also stated that as a kid, he didn’t want the experience (of watching a film in a theater) to end.

That one sentence explained why end credit scenes work and why Marvel’s idea for a cinematic universe is being copied by every other studio. (Marvel may not have started all these things, but they did manage to popularise them).

Marvel’s end-credit teasers or generally humorous scenes work every-time because they prevent us from feeling low after having a good time. The film may have ended, but the story hasn’t. Your favourite characters will soon return. And you will be ready with your wallet.

Think of that sad feeling after a film ends (and credits start rolling) as a ‘movie hangover’. You were having an amazing time, some emotions were invoked, there was laughter and much more. But then it all ends. The walk from your seat to the exit is filled with gloom, emptiness and you are back in the real world.

This feeling is common among all humans and it has something to do with how our pleasure centers work.

Marvel figured out a way to keep you from feeling low at the end of every movie. They knew how to continue your ‘awesome’ cinema experience.

Just after last scene, your favourite character (or characters) return to the screen. They may tell you about what’s gonna happen in the next film, they may give a teaser about a new character or it could just be a short scene about them enjoying some food. It can be anything but what matters the most, is that one line that comes in the end – “Your Favourite Character” will return…

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