Capture A Moment: Power Of An Expression

This series was created to help photographers share the stories of their work, with the world. In the series, different people have shared several moments that are captured forever in a photograph. To us, some of them may not seem like much, but for the people behind the camera, there’s always an important story involved.

Kaushiki Date, a lawyer, talks about her favourite moment…

I have been interested in photography ever since I was a child, so I did a certificate course from MIT School of Photography.

I had clicked one of my favourite shots in Mahatma Phule Mandai.
I shot this because I simply wanted to capture the expression on that woman’s face.
Till now, I have done a few assignments and also did some baby shoots, family functions, weddings, product shoots and much more.
Last year, my pictures were selected in the MITSOP exhibition and I received an award for best click.

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