Hollywood's Posters For 2019

Take a peek at the image below. How does it make you feel? Do you even feel anything just by looking at it?

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Try this one...

To the untrained self-proclaimed genius eye, the two images may not invoke any feeling or emotion. But to the simple folk, there are a lot of differences.

The biggest one being what happened behind the scenes. The first image was made in 2 minutes. The second one probably took weeks (or even months... it's an old poster).

Before a film is released, there is a long, exhausting process of marketing to get you film connoisseurs excited. And most of it begins with a simple picture.

It takes a lot more than a creative mind and a bottle of some grown up drink to fill colours on a white piece of digital paper.

There are teams that spend months getting their ideas rejected regularly. Designers who spend hours in front of screen, imagining every possible combination of pictures and words... all so that you can just scroll through a picture (or maybe spend some time and appreciate it if you are smart).

2018 was no different for these so called "that is a very easy job" people.

Even before that "OMG! WTF!!!" trailer is released on YouTube, the designers working with film studios or production houses keep working on polishing the final image you see on some random website or Instagram page.

A poster is not just about giving the audiences a glimpse of what's gonna happen in a few days.

A content creator is responsible for making something amazing (or not that amazing - it's all subjective) from nothing.

Can a picture tell you the entire story with just one or two words?

Can it get you mildly excited for what's gonna happen soon?

There are posters that don't even need to tell you a story through words.

Just a peek under the hood is enough...

This art of teasing, that Hollywood seems to love, has been there long before you even knew who Japanese Spiderman was.

The professionals who go through hundreds of drafts in a month know exactly how to give you just a taste of what's about to happen.

There's no correct way of creating the buzz. Some of you are happy with just a glimpse into the future... some of you want to know the stars associated with that picture... and some of you just want to see that carefully crafted trailer.

In the end, it's all about teasing you.

It feels like we may have forgotten to talk about the movies coming out next year (like everyone else is doing).

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