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Diary Of A 20 Year Old Backpacker – Part 2

The story of Avantika Chaturvedi, the 20-year-old backpacker on a mission to hit 12 destinations in 12 months, continues with some more precious moments that were captured in her various adventures. For the first part of this story, click here.   This picture was taken

Diary Of A 20 Year Old Backpacker – Part 1

The beauty of our digital world lies in the simple fact that there are millions of stories shared every day. The trend of sharing your thoughts and experiences with the world started years ago and even though most of us may believe that blogging is

Diving Into Adventure Together: Part 2

“All the treks we had embarked on until then, were day treks and we were now ready to push our boundaries further.” The second part of Sheena and Kiran’s journey talks about their most challenging trek yet, kayaking, scuba diving and much more about the

Diving Into Adventure Together: Part 1

Every destination holds a special place in our hearts. Whether it’s trekking up the Everest Base Camp, beach hopping in Seychelles, scuba-diving in Maldives, taking a cruise in Vietnam, or celebrating Christmas in Bhutan with the amazing locals, it’s different each time and each location has taught us something.

Designing Different Worlds In Hollywood

As a production designer, I’m building new worlds for each genre and project. I work with developing the setting, the characters and their backgrounds through visual aspects. That’s what got me excited.

Doodling From The Inside-Out

She loves playing with colours and other stuff people use to bring life to a blank canvas. She says, “I started drawing at a very early age. As early as 2 I think. I started drawing random stuff and my mom kept them all in a file.” Unfortunately, she doesn’t know where that file is. 


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