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Welcome To The Pet Crib

We love pets. The idea of bringing home a cute animal excites children as well as grownups, and a lot of people do manage to adopt a pet that becomes a part of their family. The amazing journey takes one through different stages of learning,

An Expert Decodes Mental Health In Workplace

Sudeeptha GV, a counseling psychologist, believes that awareness is critical in fields like mental health. Even if people accept that they have a problem, they may not readily seek help from an expert or talk about it, especially in a workplace.

A Shloka Teacher For Kids

Her journey as a shloka teacher began during a rough phase of her life, “I tried everything, yoga, meditation, Sudarshan Kriya and Just everything to get me out of my difficult situation – My state of mind” and she finally found solace in chanting shlokas – the prayers that are a part of her home even today.

The Best Home Shelter For Paws

She found her first pet starving and malnourished, “She was in a very bad state. My dad’s friend had the dog with him but he couldn’t really look after her. We went to see her one night (it was during my 10th boards) and we couldn’t resist. We brought her home, her ribs were visible, she was quite frail.”

Finding Ourselves In Our Past

Minal Arora is someone who uses this unique technique to help people all over the world. Though she still works in the field of IT, her work as a serenity surrender therapist has kept her busy in healing people both physically and emotionally.

Will The Real Engineer Please Startup?

In this day and age, everyone wants to go online, explore the capabilities of the internet. This is a new India, filled with energy, passion and vision. So we are trying to help the vision of this new India become a reality by providing the facilities people need to realise the full potential of the internet.

Travelling Out Of Her Comfort Zone

“A short trip anywhere always refreshes me.” That’s Ambika Thakur, a rich kid (not that big on Instagram) who left her cushy life behind to travel around and detox.


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