Capture A Moment: Capturing An Emotion

I’ve named this photo “Falling”.

Deepak Sharma, the person behind Monochromes, talks about one of his favourite memories and the picture he clicked that day…

I really like travelling to the mountains and visiting places that have not been explored much.
Usually, I do all my treks alone, however this time I had my elder brother and his friends along. They had never experienced snowfall in their life, so I decided to take them to a familiar place named Chandrashila, which is a 3 km, fairly easy trek, from Chopta, Uttrakhand.
As we started to climb, we could not see any signs of snow, making us feel like there may not be any at the summit either. Just when all of us started to feel the exhaustion, a storm rolled in, making the entire mountain look like a giant dressed in white.
This is my brother’s friend, having his first experience of snow, falling in love with the mountains.
Even though this photo isn’t my best work, I put it above most of the pictures I’ve clicked just because of the sheer emotion I saw these people experience.

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