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The internet is flooded with content that was created to grab your attention, to give you two seconds of entertainment and add no value to your life, and most importantly, go viral.
The whole idea of this website is giving the users a comfortable reading experience that is not disturbed by pop-up advertisements or notifications and having a platform that focuses on quality over quantity.

The Uncontrolled is an online magazine that lets people share their interesting stories with the entire world. The concept is fairly new and instead of categories, we have different story formats.

Narrative – The long post format begins builds a narrative about an aspect of your life and creates a flow for the reader to understand your story in depth.

10 Points – An interview based on 10 Questions about an aspect of your life.

Moments – The post revolves around pictures. Share your most cherished memories captured in photographs and tell our readers about the moments captured in them.

Shots – A format perfect for those who can’t afford to spare a lot of time for the interviews. Just answer three questions and get a short, crisp scoop in an online magazine.

We have stories on people from different walks of life and they all have just one thing in common – They are following their passion and making a difference.

So, are you doing something interesting? Can you inspire a reader? Do you want to show them how you let nothing stop you in your journey?

Are you The Uncontrolled?

If you answer is yes, then contact me.
Tell me who you are, pick the format you want and answer my questions.
– Ani Sudan

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